Leverage the complete SPSS Software package and WC Statistics specialist support & training to derive unparalleled value from your organisation’s data.

WC Statistics is your trusted IBM Business Partner and licensed SPSS Statistics reseller.

Considered by many as the fastest and most powerful solution for data and research analysis, IBM SPSS Statistics has proven successful applications across multiple industries. Utilised throughout the entire analytics process, SPSS Statistics easily handles data from planning and research to analysis, reporting and deployment.

Government Agencies

From health, community management, justice, education and training and primary industries, SPSS Statistics packages all of your data visualisation tools together.

Healthcare & Medical

Identify complex trends in health, disease and symptoms and compare data more easily with the SPSS Statistics package for Dental, Physio and Medical Research Institutes.

Market Research

Gain valuable insights with in-depth data visualisation for marketing, education and social studies applications. Derive more efficient community outcomes and resource management.


Combine expert coaching with your IBM SPSS Software package.

Say goodbye to disorganised spreadsheets and disconnected data sets and embrace powerful statistics and actionable outcomes. As an IBM Business Partner, licensed SPSS reseller and product specialist, WC Statistics brings more than two decades of product experience to assist your software package selection and maximise your data visualisation potential.

Find your perfect SPSS Software package or enlist WC Statistics training skills through courses or customised coaching.

IBM SPSS Software Packages

Gain a better understanding through your data analysis.

Solve complex business and research problems through a user-friendly interface.

Faster understanding of large and complex data sets.

Use advanced statistical procedures to ensure high accuracy and quality decision-making.

Utilise Python and R programming languages and extensions for integrations.

SPSS Statistics Training & Consulting

Onsite private classes for 3 or more participants with similar needs at your location.

Guided consulting for learning on the go with complex projects and advanced skill transfer.

Online guided training for 1-2 participants. 100% customised and delivered in real-time by the hour.

Public classroom access to the IBM Authorised, SPSS Training courses.

Client Reviews


“Very appreciative of Wendy being able to stop and revise as necessary and answer random questions to help me relate back to my situation.״ 

Training Client:

Research Officer, Health

“Wendy was excellent, really appreciated her friendly, nothing is too much trouble and very helpful personality.״ 

Software Client:

Strategist, Retail

“Wendy was very gentle with us learning complex concepts and gave us a good amount of time to try to digest the information.״ 

Training Client:

Program Insights, Tourism

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With a top-rated SPSS Software package and actionable coaching and courses, you’ll make smarter decisions and drive better business outcomes every day

WC Statistics has been trusted by 250+ Australian organisations to manage their SPSS accounts and delivered SPSS training courses for over two decades. Get in touch with us today and let us help address all your SPSS needs.