SPSS Statistics is recognised as one of the most powerful statistical tools on the market. Now you can leverage the experience of SPSS veterans for ongoing advice and one-on-one coaching that’s tailored to your unique needs.

For your advanced SPSS Statistics needs, engage with our expert SPSS consultant one-on-one for assistance with:

SPSS expansion

software selection

Creating syntax for automating reports

Building predictive


IBM SPSS Modeler


Survey analysis using statistical methods

Utilising IBM

Customer segmentation

and profiling

Maximising IBM
Business Analytics

SPSS consulting services from WC Statistics is the most efficient way to streamline your data visualisation and analysis needs

At WC Statistics, our SPSS Consulting service is 100% customisable. Gain the skills that are most relevant to you and work on the analytics that are challenging you the most.

Work with an experienced SPSS consultant one-on-one

Our primary SPSS consultant, Wendy Chan, has more than two decades working closely with SPSS Statistics products across multiple industries. Together with the rest of the WC Statistics team, Wendy ensures that every SPSS consulting session is tailored to your needs and leaves you with actionable insights.

Unlock the potential of SPSS statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is one of the most powerful and comprehensive statistical analysis packages on the market. Our SPSS consulting service can help you determine the best SPSS Statistics software solution for your unique needs and enable your team to utilise the full functionality for success.

Gain valuable insights for better decisions & outcomes

With expert guidance from our SPSS consulting service, you’ll gain the most valuable insights possible from your research and data collection. Our SPSS consultants can work with you at any stage of your project to ensure maximum insights are gained at every stage. Our team is also expertly skilled at data modelling to help enable better decision-making based on predictive analysis.

Specialist IBM SPSS Modeler training

A powerful addition to the SPSS Software family, the IBM SPSS Modeler features a simple to use interface with drag and drop functionality. It provides state of the art learning algorithms that can predict customer churn and help to significantly boost ROI.

WC Statistics can provide specialist IBM SPSS Modeler training and consulting to ensure you’re getting the most leverage from your datasets.

IBM SPSS Modeler training is also available in private group sessions which you can read more about on our training page.

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