SPSS Software is a valuable investment with limitless potential. Bring information and statistics together into one easy-to-use tool, IBM SPSS Statistics enables you to streamline your data analysis.

Make accurate predictions through modelling and drive key business outcomes through better-informed decisions.

Leverage data throughout the analytics process with IBM SPSS Statistics. Whether you’re a researcher, academic, data scientist or business executive, SPSS will work for you. WC Statistics is your local IBM SPSS Software reseller and a trusted IBM Business Partner. We can advise and negotiate the best licensing package for your analytical needs.


IBM SPSS Statistics provides the most comprehensive set of tools for the entire analysis lifecycle, customisable with multiple data types and add-on modules to give you what you need. It addresses all facets of the analytical process from data preparation and management to analysis and reporting.

Talk to one of our IBM SPSS Statistics expert consultants to find the right software package for your needs.

Government Agencies

From health, community management, justice, education and training and primary industries, SPSS Statistics packages all of your data visualisation tools together.

Healthcare & Medical

Identify complex trends in health, disease and symptoms and compare data more easily with the SPSS Statistics package for Dental, Physio and Medical Research Institutes.

Market Research

Gain valuable insights with in-depth data visualisation for marketing, education and social studies applications. Derive more efficient community outcomes and resource management.


Join the plethora of industry experts who are already using IBM SPSS Statistics to master their analytics:

Academic institutes are gaining more in-depth student trend analysis, enrolment forecasting, and financial planning.

Predictive analytics are uncovering consumer trends, buying patterns, and even animal behaviour for market researchers.

Government agencies are gaining better insights into citizens’ needs and analysis of state-run programs.

Better patient outcomes derived from predictive analytics utilised by hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

From basic plans with 12 months access through to full access for a lifetime, IBM SPSS Statistics is the perfect solution for your analytics needs.

IBM SPSS Statistics

The base model is far from basic with powerful capabilities. With IBM SPSS Statistics you’ll easily solve business and research problems with ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, geospatial analysis and predictive analytics.

IBM SPSS Modeler

With the addition of Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics becomes an advanced data science tool with drag-and-drop simplicity. Used to help companies reduce costs and improve the productivity of data scientists. 


This powerful tool, built on structural equation modelling software, supports research, test theories and the study of complex data relationships. A powerful addition to your IBM SPSS Statistics toolbox.

IBM Business Analytics

Business Analytics solutions help small and large organisations maximise the value of their data, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demand.

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Transform your data and automate your analysis with IBM SPSS Statistics

With more than 100 Australian organisations trusting us to manage their SPSS accounts and more than two decades experience with IBM SPSS Statistics, work with us to get the best software package for your business needs.